понедельник, 6 марта 2017 г.

4 Photos 1 Word Guess

New game "4 Photos 1 word" Good quality and style of the game are developed in English. I give this verbal game as a free gift for Ukrainian émigrés who miss their homelands and English-speaking population of the whole World. The rules are very simple. Look at 4 images and think with what they are associating, what kind of word. In the game, I use a variety of words that pump your brain to the maximum. I believe that the player should get real pleasure in guessing tricky puzzles. Win all levels of the game by guessing word by word can only be a real erudite. In this game are played around millions. She is recognized as a hit1 in the world by Victorin. This category of games abroad is called trifles.
Bright pictures will bring you endless pleasure at viewing, and intuition will prompt a word. The game certificate proves that the game is for the whole family. Safely download and install it is possible with Google Pley Market An analogue of the game 4 PICS 1 WORD. Join and find out how others around the world are testing their brains. Only the right thought will show the way to victory. Have a good game. click on and transitions GOOGLE PLAY MARKET